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SunQuest is the ultimate app for planning the position of the sun.

Find out more about SunQuest below. A downloadable Press Kit is availwith the SunQuest icon and screenshots.

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Sunquest app with sun position on iPhone and iPad

What is SunQuest?

SunQuest is an application that lets you discover the position and path of the sun all year round, wherever you are in the world – for real estate search, house building, solar, photovoltaic, garden planning and photography.

SunQuest also provides a wide range of accurate sun information, like sunrise/sunset forecasts, alongside additional features that make it easier for photographers to capture sunrises/sunsets and magic hours.

SunQuest is a must-have app in many areas

Real-estate & Architecture
View sunlight through the year for any site. Discover when the sun will pass behind a building or a tree or appear through a window.
Plan the perfect shot with the perfect light conditions: Golden & Blue hours, sunrise, sunset times and sun direction.
PV Industry
Preview solstice & equinox paths and view horizon obstructions.
Find optimal planting locations based on seasonal sunlight hours.
Choose a rental or a campsite with the best sun exposure.
Know how long your car will stay in the shade in a parking space.
Sport events
Choose your seat according to whether you prefer shade or sun.
And many more…

Features included

Discover the Sun’s true paths in the sky and on a map.
See the correct position and path of the Sun for any location and date.
Search and view sun positions for any location in the world.
Find out the time of the Sunrise, Sunset, Golden hour, Blue hours and other special moments to capture the perfect lighting.
Get accurate detailed information about the Sun: shadow ratio, azimuth, elevation…
Experience real-time projections of the sun in augmented reality and plan when it will be at a particular position in the sky.
Interactive satellite & Hybrid map views (2D / 3D where available).
Compass view to get live heading of the sun.
Sun’s path on the shortest and longest days of the year (solstices).
Sun rays projection on map view.
Detailed information for the whole day / year.
Data tables of sunrise, sunset, magic hours, ephemerides, …
Support for Dark mode.
Many devices supported including iPhone, iPad and Mac Silicon.
More upcoming…


Download the media pack
It includes logos along with screenshots from the latest version of SunQuest.


SunQuest is free to download.
With the free version you can check the sun information for the current date at your current location.

In order to view sun information beyond today and for any location you can subscribe to SunQuest Premium per month or per year.
A lifetime purchase is also available.

A 3-day trial period is available for the 1 month subscription.
A 1-week trial period is available for the 1 year subscription.


SunQuest is available on the App Store in almost all territories that the App Store supports. It is available in English and French, with German and Spanish coming soon. Many more languages are upcoming!

You can find SunQuest on iPhone, iPad and Apple Mac Silicon.

Badge pour télécharger l’App SunQuest depuis l’AppStore

Any Questions?

Have any other questions about SunQuest, please reach out via the Contact Form!