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A must-have app for planning the sun’s position and path anywhere

For real estate, photography, garden, solar (PV), and outdoor.

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Sunquest app with sun position on augmented Reality screen on iPhone
Sunquest app with sun position on satellite map screen on iPhone

The Best Sun App designed for you

Real-estate, Architecture, Landscaping

View sunlight throughout the year for any site.


Plan the perfect shot with the perfect light.

PV Industry​

Preview solstice & equinox paths and view horizon obstructions.

Includes a bunch of powerful features

Sun Path with Building Shadows

Discover the Sun’s true paths in the sky and on a map. See the correct position and path of the Sun for any location and date.

Live View

Experience real-time projections of the sun in augmented reality and plan when it will be at a particular position in the sky.

Solar Panels

Calculate the energy production of roof-mounted solar panels.

Sunquest app with sun position on shadow map screen on iPhone
Sunquest app with sun position details screen on iPhone

Easy to use interface

Compass View

Get the bearing of the sun.

Search Places

Search locations from around the world.

Golden Hours Times

Find out the time of the Sunrise, Sunset, Golden hour, Blue hours and other special moments to capture the perfect lighting.

Data Views

Get detailed information about the Sun: altitude, azimuth, shadow ratio, sunrise and sunset times and more.


Use SunQuest on a wide range of devices, including the iPhone, iPad and Mac (Silicon).


SunQuest is available in multiple languages including English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. More are coming soon.

Sunquest app with sun position on iPhone, iPad and MacBook

Our Happy Users


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Wonderful application!
It’s an efficient app that’s easier to use than other applications. When searching for a home, I check exposure over the whole year.

Great app for a pet photographer!
Thanks so much!

Top-notch application!
Easy and very user-friendly application. I’m currently looking for an apartment and I can see at a glance the exposure of all the rooms throughout the year. During a visit, it helped me realize that a nearby building was hiding the sun all afternoon in the living room in winter, even though it faces southwest. I use it now for every visit 🙂

Features included

Discover how the sun’s path changes throughout the year
See the shadows of buildings
Search and view sun positions for any location in the world
Get accurate day information (sunrise, sunset, magic hours, shadow ratio, azimuth, elevation…)
Augmented Reality view
Satellite & Hybrid Map views (2D / 3D where available)
Calculate the energy production of roof-mounted solar panels
Compass view
Sun’s path on the shortest and longest days of the year (solstices)
Sun rays projection on map view
New views with detailed information for the whole day / year.
Data tables of sunrise, sunset, magic hours, ephemerides, …
More upcoming…